Embroidery: give your garments a high end look and feel

Embroidery works well for workwear, such as polo shirts, button ups, and jackets, where durability and looks count. We can embroider short or long run orders, and offer 3D puff embroidery.


Minimum Quantity

• 12 pieces

Production Time

• 10-15 business days

What Effects the Price?

• Cost of the garment
• Amount of stitches in the design
• Amount of embroidered locations
• Digitizing setup fee for custom logos (1 time fee)


• Not charged per color, so embroidery is great for multi-colored logos
• Threads will not fade
• Threads will not come loose with washings


• Can not produce photo realistic images, shading or gradients

• Some material can not be embroidered on

• We only do direct embroidery, so we do not offer patches

What can be Embroidered?

• Polos
• Dress Shirts
• T-Shirts
• Hats
• Beanies
• Bags
• Backpacks
• Robes
• Towels
• Scrubs / Lab Coats
• Chef Coats
• Jackets
• Aprons
• Christmas Stockings